Preclinical trials of oncoprotein with iron oxide nanoparticle start in Russia

| By | Cancer Drugs, Drug Development

The researchers at the National University of Science and Technology MISiS, Moscow State University and Medical Nanotechnology LLC have begun preclinical trials of a Russian drug for the treatment of cancerous tumors.

The drug contains an iron oxide nanoparticle which, when heated in a magnetic field, allows to weaken the tumor cells and, thereby, strengthen the effect of chemotherapy. In case of successful preclinical trials, it will become the first Russian-made medicine of this type. The clinical trials are planned to be conducted on patients with breast cancer and, in the future, it will be also possible to apply the drug for the treatment of other oncological diseases.

According to Alexander Mazhuga, in case of successful preclinical trials, the human clinical trials will begin in 2020. Currently, the researchers are studying the possibility of using the drug to treat the breast tumors.

Daniil Nemenov, the Medical Director of projects at Bioprocess Capital Partners LLP Managing Company (a biotechnology investment fund), estimates that, in case of successful trials, the medicine may become available on the market in 2025-2027. On average, the trials take about 10 years. According to the expert, the medicine could be used as a supplement to existing practices.