Pharmaceutical substances from eukaryotic cells will be manufactured in Obolensk

firn m

Alexander Shestun, the Head of the Serpukhov district, and Sergey Poyarkov, the Head of the Administration of the urban-type settlement, visited FIRN M, a biotech company.

Since the end of 2014, the company is building production facilities for manufacturing the biotech substances in the settlement of Obolensk. In 2016, it put into operation a full-cycle workshop for manufacturing the biotech substances, a laboratory building for quality control of medicinal products, and an experimental production laboratory for the development of new substances and finished dosage forms.

In 2017, the company plans to put into operation in Obolensk a warehouse for finished products and a building for manufacturing the drug substances derived from the eukaryotic cells.

The representatives of the company said that, at this time, the company passed the inspection and is expecting to obtain the license. According to preliminary information, the new production facility will start operating at its full capacity within the next year, which will create about a hundred new jobs.

Sergey Poyarkov said that, today, the new production facilities experience the shortage of labor.