NITA-FARM is a major player in veterinary pharmaceuticals industry


This year, NITA-FARM, a developer and manufacturer of veterinary drugs, celebrates its 25th anniversary. Its history began at a small laboratory in the early 1990s. It was there that a small team of Company’s employees was creating affordable analogs of expensive foreign drugs and, where possible, was improving them.

Today, NITA-FARM is a major player in veterinary pharmaceuticals industry. Currently, the portfolio of the Company includes more than 70 products in all major pharmacological groups. According to Farm Research, an independent analytical agency, the products of NITA-FARM are used by every second veterinarian in Russia.

“We have really completed a tremendous amount of work to develop and market a large number of new medicinal products. Moreover, the portfolio of NITA-FARM not only expanded in terms of quantity, but also improved in terms of its quality,” said Alyona Golubeva, the Deputy Director of Marketing.

This achievement was the result of many factors ranging from the right decisions when creating the product to the loyal team of employees with established corporate culture. “In my everyday activities, I see the results of my work, and I like it,” “When our company develops, I am developing along with it,” “I work for NITA-FARM and I am proud about it” – these are just some of the statements made by Company’s employees about their jobs.

Today, NITA-FARM is moving to a new stage of its development, as it began a large-scale re-equipment of its production facilities in accordance with current European GMP. According to the plans, this will allow to considerably increase the output.