Kazakhstan will introduce liability for unethical promotion of drugs

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The Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan is elaborating measures to prevent the promotion of certain medicinal products. This was announced by the Minister Yelzhan Birtanov at the press conference following the meeting of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The patient decides to purchase a specific drug according to prescription of the doctor who, in turn, prescribes the medicines of certain brands. Pharmaceutical companies include the costs of such “promotion” into the prices of their drugs. The Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan intends to establish a particular monitoring of this situation.

Ye. Birtanov noted that this issue is relevant worldwide. However, key pharmaceutical companies started to adopt internal rules on avoiding the unethical promotion of drugs, including in Kazakhstan.

“Nevertheless, it is impossible to control everything. The market is huge, and there are many distributors. We intend to set at the legislative level the liability of health professionals for unethical promotion of drugs,” said the Minister.

First of all, this measure will affect the employees of pharmacies, because the medicinal products can be prescribed only by the doctors. In addition, the drugs must be prescribed using their international non-proprietary name without using the trade names. The patients should choose the trade name and manufacturer on their own.