Ifar is completing preclinical trials of a drug regulating blood clotting

| By | Drug Development, Ifar

Ifar, a Tomsk-based company, is completing preclinical trials of a drug that regulates blood clotting in the safest manner based on a newly found molecule.

The drugs that reduce blood clotting are needed by people suffering from cardiovascular disease, following strokes, heart attacks, stenting operations, artificial heart valve operations, and other interventions. These patients require lifelong treatment with antiplatelet drugs, which makes  the issue of drug safety particularly important.

“After a series of trials, we can confidently say that we found an effective molecule, which so far has no competitors in terms of its safety. This drug is a medical breakthrough, because it affects the blood clotting mechanism in a different way than its predecessors; it acts on the signaling pathway triggered by nitric oxide,” said Professor Veniamin Khazanov, the General Director of Ifar.

The molecule described by the head of Ifar affects the production of nitric oxide in the body, which is of fundamental importance for the health of cardiovascular system. The developers of the company were able to include the molecule in the drug composition and prove its effectiveness and low toxicity.

“This same molecule gives the drug an additional property, as it allows to relax the spasms in vessels and eliminates the phenomenon of ischemia. This reduces the risks of a sharp increase or decrease in blood clotting that could lead to serious consequences, including fatal outcome. Physicians know how important it is for patients with severe diseases, especially the elderly, to minimize the number of prescribed drugs in order to reduce the risks of side effects. Positive qualities of our innovation will be evident in that area, too,” said Veniamin Khazanov.

At this point, the drug has passed preclinical trials, there are ready-made prototypes and all accompanying documentation. The trials showed that the experts of Ifar created a high-quality tablet that meets all requirements of the state pharmacopoeia. In late 2017 – early 2018, the company plans to bring the drug to the stage of clinical trials.