Chinese company will grow medicinal herbs in Primorye

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After experimental planting Heilongjiang Huayu Industries And Trade Group intends to plant Chinese medicinal herbs on 67 hectares of land in the Russian Primorye this year. This project is aimed at developing the market of medicinal raw materials, which is relatively scarce in China, and it will also allow to diversify the structure of local crop production.

“The cost of growing medicinal plants in China is high, and it is difficult to ensure the quality of some raw materials,” said Ji Wennan, the Chairman of the Board of the company. He added that the Chinese market is experiencing a shortage of raw materials like Amur cork tree and divaricate laserwort grown in the north-east of China. The wild grasses of the Russian Far East and plants grown in the Russian forests have a number of obvious advantages, because Russia has a clean environment and its lands are not contaminated.

In its research study, the company headed by Mr. Ji Wennan found that, currently, many Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises show great interest in the wild medicinal plants for Chinese medicine growing in Russia. Considering the medicinal value and shortage of these plants on the Chinese market, their cultivation in Russia is viewed as a sound idea.