Canopy Biosciences launched host cell protein detection kits

gene editing

Canopy Biosciences, an emerging provider of gene editing and personalized medicine technologies, announced that it will enter the bioprocessing field by marketing kits for host cell protein detection. Array Bridge, a biotech company that developed the kits, have entered into an agreement that gives Canopy the rights to market these products.

Biologics, including monoclonal antibodies and other protein therapeutics manufactured in cells, have rapidly risen to represent a large portion of new drugs on the market, especially in oncology and inflammation. The host cell protein detection kits offered by Canopy detect the presence of protein impurities in biologics from CHO and other host cells that were used to produce the biologics.

Edward Weinstein, PhD, CEO of Canopy Biosciences said, “The host cell protein detection kits are a tremendous addition to our portfolio of technologies at Canopy. These kits help extend the breadth of our offering from gene editing and detection into bioprocessing.”

Xing Wang, PhD, CEO of Array Bridge said, “Array Bridge is very excited about this deal with Canopy—it brings together our deep knowledge of biologics development with Canopy’s strength in sales and marketing.”