Bionorica SE invests in the construction of pharmaceutical plant in Voronezh

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Bionorica SE, a German company, starts the construction of a pharmaceutical plant in the Voronezh Industrial Park “Maslovsky”.

The official ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the future enterprise will be held on July 10.

“Everything is ready, they have a site, an approved project and construction permit,” said Anatoly Bukreev, the Head of the Economic Development Department of the Voronezh region.

According to Anatoly Bukreev, the current investments in the project are about 4-4.5 billion rubles. Earlier, these investments were estimated at a more modest amount of 2.5 billion rubles. Such figure was announced by the regional government following the meeting of Michael Popp, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bionorica, with Alexey Gordeyev at the end of last year.

The plant will have the initial capacity of 120 million blisters a year which, by 2020, is expected to reach 200 million blisters a year. The Voronezh-based plant of Bionorica will manufacture the drugs by using the method of extraction from medicinal herbs. Earlier, growing some of these herbs in the Voronezh region was considered a possible option.

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