Association of Manufacturers of Plant-Based Medicinal Products is established in Russia

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The Association of Manufacturers and Consumers of Plant-Based Medicinal Products, a new public organization, has been registered by the Russian Ministry of Justice.

“The main objective of the organization is to bring together all like-minded people within a single venue and join efforts in order to develop the medicinal plant growing,” said Andrei Kozko, the President of the Association and the Head of Preventive Medicine at the HealthNet section of the National Technology Initiative. “In better times, Russia exported up to 100,000 tons of medicinal plants a year. Today, we have not just all but stopped selling abroad, but also have to import large amounts of raw materials to meet the needs of domestic market.”

The situation should substantially change by 2035. According to approved road map, by that time, Russia will have at least 25 agroparks bringing together 300 thousand farms engaged in the cultivation, processing and storage of medicinal plants. A significant part of their output will go to exports. Moreover, this will no longer be in the form of raw materials, but as concentrated granular extracts.

The Association also plans to educate Russians on how to properly consume traditional plant-based medicinal products.