Active Component plans to increase its export of pharmaceutical substances

| By | Aktivny Komponent, Drug Manufacturing

In H1 2017, Active Component supplied more than 15 tons of pharmaceutical substances to the market. The company’s revenue rose by 13% to 430 million rubles. Its EBITDA increased by 58% to 94 million rubles.

In physical terms, the output of Active Component grew by 6% in the reporting period. The sharp rise of EBITDA comes from new highly profitable substances launched into manufacturing and sales.

“The implementation of all our projects goes in accordance with the plans, and we are satisfied with the dynamics of our business development. In the future, we plan to increase our market presence and boost the exports,” said Alexander Semenov, the President of Active Component. “In June, we completed the technical re-equipment of existing manufacturing base and, now, we have the capacity for simultaneous production of several active substances. In August, we begin to elaborate a project for a new production facility in the city of Pushkin, which will become one of the largest enterprises for manufacturing the pharmaceutical substances in Europe. The plant will be put into operation as early as at the beginning of 2020.”

Active Component has been successfully operating in the market for more than 10 years and is the largest Russian manufacturer of generic active pharmaceutical substances. Its current range of products includes more than 50 substances. By 2020, after the launch of the second plant in Pushkin, the company plans to increase this figure to 4.5 billion rubles a year.

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