Vector-BiAlgam starts a project on filling of injectable drugs

| By | Drug Manufacturing, Vector-BiAlgam

Vector-BiAlgam launches the first stage of production facility for filling of injectable drugs.

“In June, we are launching the first stage of the project on filling of injectable drugs. This includes not only the drug for Hepatitis A treatment, which is currently manufactured in Russia only by our company, but also the other injectable drugs, for example, those against tick-borne encephalitis. After the launch of the entire production line, we plan to manufacture 33 injectable drugs,” said Leonid Nikulin, the General Director of Vector-BiAlgam, at a roundtable.

In the first stage, the injectable products will be dispensed into dose-syringes. At the same time, the company is preparing the installation of production lines for manufacturing ampoule and vial forms.

The investments amount to 320 million rubles, and the need for borrowed funds is 202 million rubles. The implementation period is 5.5 years, and it started in the mid-2015. The investment phase will be completed by 2018.