UAE Ministry of Health made an agreement with Roche


The Ministry of Health and Prevention of UAE, has signed an agreement with Roche Pharmaceutical Company, to strengthen the UAE’s strategic drug stockpile, by adding 76 categories of drugs to aid in severe cases and emergency situations.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Abdul Karim Abdullah Al Zarouni, Director of Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Operations Center at the Ministry, and Abdulrahman Sabra, General Manager at Roche Pharmaceutical Middle East FZCO, UAE. Dr Mohamed Salim Al Olama, Under-Secretary of the Ministry was also present at the signing.

Al Zarouni noted that the agreement is the result of a sovereign decision, and an important element to respond to the needs of the community in any difficult situation. A number of countries all over the world have also made the decision to strengthen their strategic drug stockpile, in addition to manufacturing the drugs.

He commended the efforts of international pharmaceutical companies such as Roche, to support the UAE’s strategic medical inventory, by providing a number of products, raw materials and medication to aid in emergency situations. Framework has been developed to coordinate with pharmaceutical companies, to check and replace medication before its date of expiry, according to an average consumption rate of 6 months, applicable to both the government and private sectors.

Al Zarouni stressed that the agreement aims to support the UAE’s medical system, and provide the necessary medication required in emergency situations. “The ministry considers this as one of its biggest priorities, in adherence with the directives of the wise leadership and the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (39) for the year 2015,” he said.

Abdulrahman Sabra stressed that Roche is committed towards supporting the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention’s efforts to ensure the continuous supply of medicine to patients, without disruption. “Roche considers its patients as its biggest priority, and is confident that the new agreement will further strengthen its ability to supply medicine to those who need it, under any circumstances,” he said.