Tajikistan forbids doctors to collaborate with pharmaceutical companies

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According to the newly published Healthcare Code, Tajikistan imposed a ban on collaboration between the employees of medical institutions, in particular, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies.

The amendments to Healthcare Code strictly forbid any collaboration of doctors and pharmacists. If such cases are discovered, the doctors and businesses face a fine of up to 8,000 somoni (about $900). For any side effects resulting from the use of drugs, the violators face a jail term of 2 to 5 years.

Many doctors in Tajikistan collaborate with pharmaceutical companies, mostly under a verbal agreement. The collaboration actually represents the prescribing practice when a doctor prescribes for the treatment of patients the drugs imported into Tajikistan by specific company operating in the pharmaceutical industry.

When writing out a prescription, the doctor recommends specific drugs to the patient and later reports it to the pharmaceutical company by presenting a copy of such prescription. For these activities, the doctor is remunerated by the company.

Usually, the drugs prescribed under such collusion scheme are more expensive than their analogs available for purchase in Tajikistan.