Scientists from Tomsk presented xenon-based plaster for drug delivery

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An event organized in the format of Techno Exchange on the topic of Medicine, Biotech, Pharmaceutics: New Solutions and Technology was held at the International Forum of Technological Development “Technoprom 2017.”

Alexander Verkhovsky, the Head of the Laboratory at the National Research Тomsk State University, presented a xenon-based transdermal therapeutic system in the form of a plaster, which could become a real breakthrough in the area of transdermal medicines due to the special properties of xenon. Xenon is a chemically inert gas that is used in the medicine as an anesthetic already for more than 20 years. The scientists assure that, unlike other anesthetics, it has no side effects. Moreover, xenon is actively used today to treat depression, sleep disorders and much more. A xenon atom has the diameter of 0.4 nm. This enables it to penetrate through plastics, metals and even through the skin, while the chemical inertness of xenon renders it harmless to the body.

It is expected that the use of xenon will allow the plasters invented by the scientists from Tomsk to be highly efficient in the delivery of medicinal products for external use.