Sanofi start shipments of insulin from Russian plant to EU

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Sanofi announced that it starts to export the insulins produced at Sanofi-Aventis Vostok plant in the Oryol region to the European Union. The official ceremony to mark the signing of protocol on insulin export outside the Russian Federation was held during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The first lot will be delivered to the company’s logistics center in Frankfurt, Germany. The volume of deliveries and further distribution of insulins will depend on the market environment and the needs of EU countries.

Sanofi-Aventis Vostok plant is the first full-scale pharmaceutical enterprise in Russia for producing advanced insulins. The plant will continue to produce advanced insulins primarily for the needs of Russian patients.

“Sanofi’s strategy in Russia is in line with public priorities in the area of health care. We are one of the first international companies to localize the production of medicines for socially important diseases, which allowed to increase the availability of innovative therapy for Russian patients. Today, we are opening a new page in the history of Sanofi in Russia. The start given to the exports of insulin produced in the Oryol region is an important step in the joint work of government and business community and our contribution to the realization of Russia’s potential in the area of non-primary exports,” said Naira Adamyan, the General Director of Sanofi Russia.

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