Russia elaborates a strategy for microorganisms resistance to medicinal products

| By | Ministry of Health Care

The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation elaborated a draft law “On the Approval of the Strategy for Preventing and Overcoming the Resistance of Microorganisms and Noxious Organisms of Plants to Medicinal Products, Chemicals and Biologics for the Period until 2030 and Beyond.

The problem associated with the spreading of microbial resistance requires a comprehensive approach, as well as an interagency collaboration in implementing the measures and activities in various areas of public administration aimed at restraining and overcoming such resistance.

The draft Strategy was prepared by using the approaches, which had been adopted, elaborated and approved at the international level with the participation of the Russian Federation. These approaches also take into account the particular aspects of the public administration and the applicable laws of the Russian Federation.

The goal of the Strategy is to improve the effectiveness of preventing and treating the infectious and parasitic diseases of humans, animals and plants, reduce the severity and duration of these diseases, lower the mortality of population, deaths of animals and plants associated with the spread of microbial resistance.

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