Rospatent: two thirds of patents in pharmaceuticals are held by foreign companies

| By | Rospatent

Unlike other industries, two thirds of the total number of patents in pharmaceuticals are held by foreign companies. However, the practical activities of Rospatent are primarily aimed at protecting the interests of Russian citizens, who should receive only high-quality medicines that can resolve their problems.

Grigory Ivliev noted that consultations with patent offices of other countries, including those of BRICS, show that the mechanisms already existing in Russia are sufficient for using the compulsory licensing or production of drugs without patents in accordance with international obligations and treaties signed by Russia in the area of intellectual property rights.

The Head of Rospatent emphasized the importance of establishing the National Pharmaceutical Registry, which will become the main database for all medicinal products, their patent protection, manufacturing and manufacturers, and cost of the license. The data of such Register could provide guidance for the Ministry of Health in issuing documents for new medicines and medicinal products purchased under the state contracts. The industry also needs to implement a broad practice for conducting in-depth patent research and create patent landscapes for selecting the areas of research and investment.