Pharmaceutical industry in Moscow grew by 30% over the past three years

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This was announced by Alexey Fursin, the Head of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship at the industry meeting of the leaders of Moscow pharmaceutical manufacturing market.

“For the city, the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products is a socially important industry. This is perhaps the most  fastest-growing industry, as it demonstrated a 30% growth over the past three years. Today, 30 medium and large pharmaceutical enterprises operate in the city,” said Alexey Fursin.

He also emphasized that, currently, 26% of the output produced by the Moscow-based pharmaceutical enterprises goes to the Russian public procurement market and 16% to commercial market.

According to Alexey Fursin, the share of Moscow in the total manufacturing of medicinal products in Russia was 9.2% for the vitamins, 11.7% for the drugs to treat asthma and allergy, 36.7% for the medicines to treat psycho-neurological diseases, and 49.5% for the drugs to treat eye diseases. He noted that the Moscow government is preparing a package of additional measures to provide state support for the enterprises of pharmaceutical industry, including tax incentives, status of technology park residents, guarantees, sureties and other.