Percentage of Russian-made drugs in healthcare procurement reached 72.4% in Q1


According to the hospital audit of Russian pharmaceutical market conducted by DSM Group, 203.9 million packages of medicinal products worth 45.9 billion rubles were purchased for healthcare facilities in Q1 2017.

“Compared to the volume of procurement in the first 3 months of 2016, the budgetary spending on medicinal products required for hospitals was up 4.6% over the same period of this year. As a result, the amount of purchased packages increased by 4.9%,” said Sergey Shulyak, a pharmaceutical market expert and CEO of DSM Group. “In January-March 2017, the average price for one package of medicinal product purchased for the needs of healthcare facilities was 255 rubles, which is 0.3% less than in Q1 2016. This indicates a slight trend towards the lowering of the weighted average cost per package of medicinal product: the prices of 14 of TOP 20 brands went down”

Traditionally, the percentage of Russian-made medicines is much higher in terms of physical volumes, than in terms of monetary cost. Also, we cannot fail to notice a significant change in the procurement structure. In Q1 2016, the Russian-made medicinal products accounted for 77% of purchased packages while, in the same period in 2017, this figure was 4.6% lower (72.4%). All this was accompanied by the strengthening of the Russian-made medicines position in monetary terms – 34.1% in the first 3 months of 2017 vs. 33% in January-March 2016.