MSD and R-Pharm invested 200 million rubles in the localization of Raltegravir


At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), MSD, an international biopharmaceutical company, and R-Pharm, a leading Russian pharmaceutical company, have announced the successful completion of their joint project to localize the manufacturing of raltegravir finished dosage form, an antiretroviral medicine (Isentress®, 400 mg tablets), in Russia. The first lot of the medicine in the amount of 7000 packages was already supplied to the regions following the centralized procurement procedure; and more than 40,000 packages have been manufactured so far.

Raltegravir is produced in Yaroslavl plant of finished dosage forms owned by R-Pharm Group. The manufacturing process involves the preparation of active pharmaceutical ingredient and excipients, preparation of finished dosage form, packaging and release testing.

The joint project of MSD and R-Pharm to localize the manufacturing of raltegravir was initiated in 2015. In 2.5 years, the parties completed the transfer of technological processes, purchased additional equipment for the production lines and the lab, and trained personnel, including at the MSD plant in Singapore. Overall, the manufacturing of raltegravir involves more than 50 specialists. The combined investments of MSD and R-Pharm in the project reached 200 million rubles.