Market share of Russian-made drugs exceeds 80% for some nosologies

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In 2016, the market share of Russian-made medicinal products in the segment of anti-tuberculosis drugs was 76% in physical terms and 84% in monetary terms; for HIV therapy, it reached 64% and 30%, respectively. These figures were announced by Alexey Alekhin, Director of the Department of Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry Development, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

The development of local production capacities is viewed as an important component for addressing the tasks of increasing the independence from imports in the industry. According to Alexey Alekhin, a great attention is paid to localizing the manufacturing of pharmaceutical substances.

“Currently, there are up to 10 projects of different manufacturers; and, this year, we expect about another 10 projects,” said the director of the department. “Setting up the manufacturing of substances is a capital-intensive process. We are providing support for these purposes, where a single company can obtain up to 200 million rubles. Among other things, this includes the compensation for costs of leasing the equipment, which often make the largest part of financial investments in the projects.”

At the same time, given the importance of supporting the pharmaceutical companies that use Russian-made pharmaceutical substances in their production facilities, there is ongoing work on finalizing the “odd man out” decree.

“We believe that there should be a preferential mechanism. There are some areas which definitely require the creation of local competencies,” said Alexey Alekhin noting that, at the same time, it is important not to restrict the competition among already established production facilities for finished dosage forms.

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