Innovative domestically produced cancer drugs are expected in the Russian market

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In the future, new domestically produced drugs designed for the therapy of patients with oncological diseases will be available on the Russian market. The development of innovative medicines for oncology was announced by Mikhail Lifshits, the Director of Strategic Development at Drugs Technology LLC. Some drugs already passed Phase I clinical trials.

Certain achievements of the Russian industry are already helping the patients in Russia.

“There is a new Russian-made medicine of BIOCAD for the treatment of breast cancer, which costs ten times less than its initial variations. Thousands of women now get access to this treatment,” said Irina Borovova, the President of Zdravstvuy, an association of cancer patients.

In the area of oncology, Pharmstandard is traditionally focused on using original pharmaceutical substances created by its partner companies. It may take 1-2 years and significant investment to establish a production facility for finished dosage forms based on the substance developed by a partner.

Pharmstandard has extensive experience in implementing such projects and, currently, it works with all dosage forms. For example, today, at Pharmstandard UfaVita alone, there is ongoing transfer with regard to 24 antitumor drugs, half of which are already localized. These are innovative medicines used in the target therapy of various oncological diseases, such as Tasigna, Velcade, Mabthera and others, said Ilona Kuraskua, the Head of Business Development Department at JSC Pharmstandard.

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