Infectex successfully completed Phase I clinical trials of a TB drug

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Infectex, a biotech company and Portfolio Company of the Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund established with the participation of Russian Venture Company (RVC), has successfully completed Phase I clinical trials of the Q203 oral form, a drug for the treatment of tuberculosis. The medicine is being developed in Russia/CIS under the license from Qurient Co. Ltd. (South Korea).

Q203 (an imidazopyridine amide derivative) is a small-molecule drug candidate. The medicine is active in case of oral administration. Q203 blocks the growth of M.tuberculosis by inhibiting the cytochrome bc1 complex which, in turn, inhibits the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) synthesis in the bacteria.

The trials proved the safety and good tolerability of Q203 in all tested doses. All adverse events associated with the administration of the drug were mild or clinically insignificant laboratory abnormalities that did not require any additional medical measures or prescription of drug therapy.

Dmitry Popov, the Managing Partner of Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund, said, “Amid growing problem of tuberculosis caused by multi-drug and extensively-drug resistant mycobacteria, we are pleased to complete this significant phase in the clinical development of Q203.”

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