FSBI SCEEMP and SECMED define the areas for their cooperation


The first meeting of the Technical Committee on Regulation of Cooperation between the Center for State Control of Drug Quality of the Republic of Cuba (CECMED) and FSBI “Scientific Center for Expert Evaluation of Medicinal Products” of the Ministry of Health of Russia (FSBI SCEEMP) took place during the First Russian-Cuban Medical and Pharmaceutical Business Forum held in Havana.

The meeting was organized in order to implement the provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding between the drug regulatory authorities of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Cuba signed in December 2016.

During the meeting of the Technical Committee, the parties agreed on cooperation in regulating the circulation of medicinal products, as well as on support for the projects of technology transfer between Cuba and Russia.

The cooperation will start with the exchange of technologies for manufacturing flu vaccines as part of the Mechnikov project, a current Russian-Nicaraguan initiative, which has already been supported by CECMED as the national regulatory authority. The representatives of CECMED and FSBI SCEEMP will make a working visit to the production sites of the Mechnikov plant, the first immunobiological center in Central America, as early as in November 2017. Cuban colleagues also expect that FSBI SCEEMP will participate in new socially important projects related to the development and registration of preventive vaccines and medicines for the treatment of hepatitis B, diabetic foot, etc.