FAVEA and Pharmcontract sign a partnership agreement

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FAVEA Group, an international engineering company, and Pharmcontract Group, a leading Russian chemical and pharmaceutical holding company, combine their efforts for further development and comprehensive use of the principles aimed at responsible implementation of the entire scope of work in establishing pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and food production facilities.

The collaboration between two companies will be based on the joint elaboration of projects in accordance with the terms of reference provided by the clients, which will allow to set critical characteristics and parameters of technological equipment supplied by various manufacturers while taking into account the possibility of additional installations and configuration of installed components as early as at the stage of preparing the feasibility study.

In his comments on the signed agreement, David Mishka, CEO of FAVEA Group, said, “In our opinion, FAVEA and Pharmcontract Group can seamlessly complement mutual competencies and strengths of each company. We take into account the significant successful experience gained by Pharmcontract in delivering, commissioning and subsequently maintaining the technological lines. At the same time, FAVEA Group views as its main specialty the provision of integrated design and engineering services that are neither burdened nor restricted by distribution obligations. This approach allows us to offer independent and fair solutions, which are best suited to the needs of our customers among pharmaceutical manufacturers.”

SOURCE: gmpnews.ru
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