EEC presents two directions for development of labeling system in EAEU

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The Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) discussed the approaches and principles for developing the system of labeling goods with the means of identification in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).

EEC has elaborated the most flexible approach which, in general, includes two options.

The first option suggests a coordinated and uniform application of labeling systems by the member states under an agreement. This involves the use of unified approaches and mechanisms in labeling, an agreed list of goods that are subject to such procedure, and interaction between national labeling systems.

The second option is a combined one. This means that two or more member states can use their national labeling systems in accordance with an agreement and with the possibility of their interaction. This case will involve the application of agreed approaches and mechanisms in the labeling, which allow the interaction between the national labeling systems, and the same list of goods that are subject to labeling.

The proposals include a three-level distribution of authority to establish requirements for the labeling of goods. The international treaty sets general requirements for the means of identification, including their machine readability and technological compatibility (mutual readability). It regulates the possibility of using the national information systems with their effective interaction, establishes uniform stages for recording the details of goods in the information environment, and specifies various functioning levels of the labeling systems.

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