Cadila Pharmaceuticals plans to launch the manufacturing in Russia

Cadila Pharmaceuticals, an Indian pharmaceutical concern, intends to launch the manufacture in the Moscow region, Governor Andrey Vorobyov, said in an interview with Rambler News following the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum held in Russian last week.

“Cadila is coming here, in Pushchino, from India. The Board of Directors is to meet in the near future,” the Moscow region’s Governor said.

The volume of investment in the launch of the project amounts to about $50 million.

Earlier, Cadila Pharmaceuticals suspended negotiations on the production localization in the Yaroslavl region, Russia.

As it was reported previously, Cadila planned to localize the production in Russia. The Indian company considered “Krasnoye” industrial park in the Pereslavsky district as a construction site for the plant.