Biotechnopark Koltsovo opens a drug certification center

| By | Drug Certification, Pharmclusters

Novosibirsk Biotechnopark, a part of Siberian Science Park megacluster, opened a Certification Center for drugs, biologically active dietary supplements and cosmetics, which will be the largest beyond the Urals. By early 2018, the Center will become self-financed due to revenues generated by provision of certification services. This was announced by Andrei Bekarev, the Chairman of the Board of Biotechnopark.

 “We launched the Certification Center that will provide paid services. This will be a self-financed Center. We hope that, from the start of next year, Biotechnopark will no longer need any subsidies,” said Mr. Bekarev.

Biotechnopark generates its revenues primarily from the operation of the Laboratory Test Center, which received its accreditation less than a month ago.

Overall, since its establishment in 2011, the biotechnopark project received 760 million rubles from the regional budget and 216 million rubles from the Russian Ministry of Economic Development to purchase the equipment.

The Laboratory Test Center established at the Biotechnopark is a laboratory base, which performs all necessary tests involving the chemical and analytical lab and microbiological lab and issues the conclusions on the quality and safety of products.