Belarusian pharmaceutical manufacturers are worried about drug registration process

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The common pharmaceutical market of the Eurasian Economic Union has not yet begun its full-fledged operation, said Maria Sekach, the Commercial Director of BelAseptika, in an interview with reporters.

BelAseptika holds about 70% of the Belarusian market of antiseptic drugs for healthcare institutions. The company also manufactures disinfectants, detergents and cosmetics, phytoproducts.

“We are exporting the products to Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, African countries and a number of other markets. Today, the percentage of exports is about 30-40% of the total output,” said Ms. Sekach.

The company believes that the exports of Belarusian medicinal products are hampered by the complex registration process in each country. This comes despite the fact that this year the common pharmaceutical market in EAEU countries was expected to start operating.

“So far, the common pharmaceutical market operates only very nominally,” said the company manager.

According to representatives of BelAseptika, the company faces difficulties in registering the drugs in a number of countries, such as Georgia and Moldova, which require to submit EU-compliant documents.

“Overall, the registration of medicinal products can last even three to four years. This is an expensive procedure,” added the pharmaceutical manufacturers.