Belarus exports medicinal products to 34 countries

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The international demand for Belarusian medicinal products is increasing each year, said Viktor Shein, the Deputy Director of the Pharmaceutical Industry Department – Head of the Economics and Marketing Division at the Ministry of Health of Belarus.

“In the past five years, we implemented about 30 major investment projects. By now, we created a completely new pharmaceutical industry based on the latest high-tech methods of manufacturing and equipment. We developed the product range that is in demand not only on the domestic but also on the international markets,” said Viktor Shein. “The Belarusian manufacturers sell their products in 34 countries. If we were not manufacturing high-quality goods, and if Belarus had no such quality control system as we have today, there would be no such demand for our products. The demand for Belarusian medicinal products is increasing far beyond the borders of our country.”

This is driven by a number of factors. 80% of operating production sites have GMP certificates, which guarantees high quality. Four enterprises have certificates issued by the inspectorates of other countries that are part of PIC/S quality control system. Belmedpreparaty has a certificate issued by the Romanian pharmaceutical inspection.