AirBridgeCargo joins Pharma Gateway Amsterdam project

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AirBridgeCargo (ABC), a Russian cargo airline, joined Pharma Gateway Amsterdam (PGA) and confirmed its commitment to improve the quality of service for the customers in the global pharmaceutical industry.

ABC became the second airline joining the project. Schiphol Cargo hub at the Amsterdam airport holds regular experience sharing meetings for members of PGA, which contributes to collaboration between all participants in the so-called “cold chain”.

AirBridgeCargo operates 22 flights a week from Amsterdam to key destinations of global shipments for pharmaceutical industry in Europe, Asia and the USA, including Moscow, Chicago, Shanghai and Singapore. Last year, ABC became the first airline in Russia and the seventh in the world to receive CEIV PHARMA certification from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The company also invested in the purchase of advanced Boeing 747-8F cargo aircraft equipped with a system for maintaining the temperature in the cargo cabin.