Active Component increases its production of substances by 1.5 times

| By | Aktivny Komponent, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Active Component completed the modernization of its production site located in the settlement of Metallostroy in St. Petersburg. The modernization of the enterprise allowed to increase the output of substances by 1.5 times (up to 60 tons a year). The investments in the project amounted to 300 million rubles. The cost of purchased equipment is 120 million rubles.

After the reconstruction, the total surface area of the plant increased to 3500 m², including 1200 m² for the research labs. The technical re-equipment and introduction of innovative technologies allowed to accelerate the manufacturing process by 2-3 times. The expansion of R&D base led to 5-fold increase in the capacity of the plant to introduce new substances (up to 10 product items a year) and provided an additional market advantage for the company.

“Our project is an example of successful and mutually beneficial cooperation between the businesses and government authorities. Active Component receives subsidies from the state in the form of compensation for about 50% of its costs incurred on acquiring the new equipment. This allows us to allocate additional funds for the development of new medicinal products,” said Alexander Semenov, the CEO of Active Component.

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