A roadmap for the development of Tomsk Innovation Cluster

| By | Pharmclusters

The innovators from Tomsk, representatives of universities, scientific organizations and authorities have jointly prepared a detailed action plan for the development of Smart Technologies Tomsk, an innovative regional cluster.

The representatives of enterprises made their proposals for the roadmap in order to create an interface for direct collaboration between the universities and companies, as well as to hold PR campaigns for developing the brand of Smart Technologies Tomsk cluster abroad.

Veniamin Khazanov, the General Director of IFAR, spoke about the need to develop the partnership with leading international accelerators to rapidly bring the project to the attention of a strategic investor and later launch the products of the cluster’s participants in the global markets.

“At the international level, there is a well-elaborated interface for bringing the innovative products to consumers. We need to enter this interface, in particular, through business accelerators. They operate in accordance with a well-elaborated scheme, and we need to join this process because, in that case, we will get into the product line that goes to the consumers. We need to prepare an action plan that provides for the maximum acceleration here, in Tomsk. This will allow to quickly start working together with major international accelerators, which still have to be selected,” said Veniamin Khazanov.