A collagen and gelatin plant will be built in Stavropol Krai

| By | Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Triton-Atlaoua, a Stavropol-based company, plans to build a plant in the region in order to produce collagen from fish. The enterprise will manufacture about 8% of the Russian market volume of this product. The construction of the plant will begin on June 10 and the investments will amount to 260 million rubles.

Products from Stavropol will be demanded by the manufacturers of cosmetics, and the low ruble exchange rate will allow them to compete with collagen supplied from China and Japan. The manufacturing will be based on year-round processing of pond fish, the skin of which will be used to obtain collagen. The capacity of the enterprise will be up to five tons of fish per day. The area of five hectares will host production shops, labs and closed-type installations for fish rearing. The launch of the plant is scheduled for this September.

“The plant will be a non-waste production facility. The skin of fish will be used to produce collagen, and gelatin will be obtained from the scales. We will use these materials to manufacture wound-healing sponges and bandages impregnated with collagen, drugs and biologically active food additives. We expect that these products will be purchased by defense and law enforcement agencies and hospitals. In the second cycle of production, we will use the fish carcasses to produce food,” said Natalia Vishnyakova, the representative of investor.