Valenta acquires rights to Antareit drug in Russia

| By | Drug Manufacturing, Valenta

Valenta continues to expand the portfolio of medicines with high potential by adding to it Antareit® in April 2017.

Antareit® belongs to modern antacids and is a combination medicine designed to address such common problems as heartburn, dyspepsia, and flatulence. The drug is a nonabsorbable antacid, because it includes magnesium (magnesium aluminum hydroxide sulfate) and has an additional carminative property (eliminating excessive gas formation) due to the presence of simethicone.

Elena Naidenova, Head of Gastroenterology, Male and Female Health at Valenta Pharm PJSC, said, “Gastroenterology is one of the leading therapeutic areas for Valenta. Every day, many people face gastrointestinal tract disorders. As a socially responsible company, we are doing our best to offer patients the medicines that will improve the quality of their life.”