The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation is developing a new system


The Ministry of Health plans to launch a program of free medicine assistance in Russia for the citizens with compulsory health insurance (CHI) policies. It’s referred to the system of drug reimbursement. It is understood that the Russians will be able to receive for free only prescribed drugs from a limited list that is being developed. David Melik-Huseynov, the Director of the Institute of Healthcare and Medical Management told Izvestiya about this.

Now we are working out models for financing of this system, – the expert added.

He recalled that the creation of such a program was proposed in the Strategy of Medicine Assistance of the Russian Federation Population for the Period until 2025 developed by the Ministry of Health and approved in 2013. According to this document, the transition to the system of drug reimbursement for out-patient treatment was scheduled for 2017, but it was planned that the project would be targeted at certain categories of citizens.

Larisa Popovich, the Director of the Institute of Health Economics, who participates in the discussion of the project, said that the launch of the drug reimbursement system was postponed to 2019 due to lack of funding for the project. According to her, drugs will be released either free of charge or at a discount to the Russians with CHI policies.

Elena Nevolina, the Head of the Pharmacy Guild, said that a pilot project for free provision of medicines could start as early as 2018.