The localized pharmaceutical production in Russia reached 90 billion rubles

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According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, there are 566 production sites in Russia engaged in manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. These include 381 sites manufacturing the finished dosage forms and, among them, 44 plants produce only pharmaceutical substances. 185 enterprises manufacture alcohol-containing medicines, medical gases, and other pharmaceutical products.

Only 26% of the total output is certified for GMP compliance. But, according to Stanislav Livansky, the Head of Economy and Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry Department at SID &GP of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, at the recent Adam Smith Conferences’ Russian Pharmaceutical Forum, the vast majority of pharmaceutical products were manufactured by certified sites.

In 2016, the output of pharmaceutical products amounted to 394 billion rubles, of which 83% account for own manufacturing and 17% are made under contract manufacturing. In 82% of cases, the customers of contract manufacturing were foreign companies.

Localized products accounted for almost a quarter of total output in monetary terms. The localized products output reached 90 billion rubles, of which 60% were manufactured under a contract; 32%, at own production sites; 8%, at joint production facilities.

17% of the total sales in the Russian market are generated by biologics (83 billion rubles). 68% of them were produced by Russian manufacturers; 18%, localized under a contract; 14% of biologics have been localized on the sites owned by manufacturers.