SID & GP will develop training programs for pharmaceutical companies

| By | Russian GMP, SID&GP

Anna Plesovskikh, the Head of External Communications Department at State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices (SID & GP), presented the results of a joint study conducted by her organization and Selectum, a recruitment agency, on the Personnel Training in Pharmaceutical Production Facilities: Professional Development of Employees. The study is based on a survey of industry representatives to identify their needs in the area of personnel training, potential costs of this process, and the most effective forms of training. The significance of the study is that it clearly demonstrated that most companies have no strategy to overcome the shortage of personnel. At the same time, the managers and experts are perfectly aware of the need to develop and retain their people and, therefore, invest in the human capital, including by establishing the educational programs and involving their employees in training.

Leonid Loshakov, the Head of the Educational Center at SID & GP, said that a working team will be established under the auspices of his unit in order to formulate the needs of industry enterprises in the area of external training and develop targeted programs for each specific company. The plans suggests establishment of a discussion platform in the near future on the basis of SID & GP for continuous communications between the industry participants on the issues of training and development of targeted training programs.