Sanofi and Russian Federal Research Center signed a memorandum of partnership


Sanofi and Federal Almazov North-West Medical Research Center of the Russian Ministry of Health signed a memorandum aimed at strategic partnership in the area of health care in order to implement a number of projects to develop informational, educational and research programs for prevention and treatment of noncommunicable diseases.

The memorandum stipulates the establishment of bilateral working group on educational and awareness-raising projects. In particular, the work in this area includes support for clinical trials and epidemiological studies, as well as the educational programs for doctors.

The collaboration under the memorandum will significantly improve the accessibility of health care and raise the quality of life for the patients. An important aspect of cooperation is to create the opportunities and implement pilot projects on the use of advanced information technology for remote monitoring of patients, including monitoring the course of the disease and making timely correction of therapy by using a computer or smartphone application, as well as to increase the adherence to therapy among the patients.