Russian vaccine against Ebola ready for delivery to the Republic of Guinea

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N.F. Gamaleya Federal Research Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology, the developer of Russian vaccine against Ebola, has completed the manufacturing of vaccine that will be delivered to the Republic of Guinea as part of assistance to prevent the outbreaks of this hemorrhagic fever. The agreement on the delivery of the vaccine was reached earlier by Russia and Guinea.

Overall, the researchers of the Federal Center produced more than a thousand doses of vaccine. The vaccine will be delivered to Guinea in the next six weeks. Simultaneously with the start of the use of the vaccine in Guinea, Russian and Guinean scientists will start analyzing the process of its use as part of post-authorization studies.

Russian vaccine Gam Evac Combi is the world’s first officially registered vaccine against the disease caused by Ebola virus, approved for clinical use. The vaccine was developed by Russian scientists in a very short time and surpasses existing foreign analogs by a whole range of characteristics.