Russian biosimilars for rheumatic diseases will reduce the therapy costs

| By | Biocad, Medicinal Drug Prices

New products developed by BIOCAD, a Russian biotech company, can cut down by 30 to 50% the costs of annual treatment course with genetically engineered drugs for patients with rheumatic diseases. The emergence of monoclonal antibody-based biosimilars of such medicines as rituximab, inflixmab and adalimumab will allow to provide treatment to additional 3000 patients.

According to the estimates, in 2016, 8000 people received treatment with rituximab, infliximab, and adalimumab in Russia. The development of their biosimilars will help to provide the required medicines to 11,000 people. Along with the increase in the procurement of genetically engineered biological products (GIBP) from 7.3 billion rubles in 2014 to 11.2 billion rubles in 2016, 60% of which were the costs of the above medicines, this can play a key role in ensuring timely access to high quality drugs for patients.

Alexey Torgov, Deputy General Director for Government Relations at BIOCAD, said, “The most advanced drugs are useless, if they are not available to patients. It is important to note that BIOCAD has developed its biosimilars in accordance with the applicable recommendations on the development and use of biosimilars of the European Medical Agency (EMA), FDA, WHO, and the Russian legislation.”