Russia is establishing a competitive rehabilitation industry

| By | Ministry of Industry and Trade

The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade has prepared a draft Strategy for Developing the Manufacturing of Rehabilitation-Oriented Industrial Products until 2025.

The strategy will allow to establish in Russia a competitive rehabilitation industry manufacturing efficient, high-quality and affordable products. The industry will focus on building and developing new markets for innovative products. By 2024, the share of Russian-made rehabilitation-oriented products in domestic consumption should rise to 56 percent, while the index of industrial manufacturing of rehabilitation-oriented products will increase three-fold compared to 2012. By the same time, the share of innovative goods, works and services in the total exports of companies in the industry should climb to 16 percent. The Strategy also provides for an annual increase in the exports of Russian-made goods produced by the rehabilitation industry to reach 4.5 billion rubles by 2025.

The production of individual groups of rehabilitation-oriented goods will be developed within the industrial technological platforms. These are the groups of enterprises and their partners linked by cooperation ties.

The strategy is based on the principles of the program and target-oriented approach, and it is already provided with budgetary funds in the amount of 1.5 billion rubles for 2017-2018, or 0.5 billion rubles a year.