Researchers at SSMU conduct studies for treatment of hypercholesterolemia

| By | Drug Development, R&D

The Center for Technology Adoption of the Siberian State Medical University (SSMU) received a 33 million rubles grant under Pharma-2020, a federal target-oriented program. The funds will be directed to the development and preclinical studies of a new original medicine for prevention and treatment of hypercholesterolemia, a condition leading to atherosclerosis.

“We have already obtained a molecule that is promising for treatment of this disease,” said Artyom Guriev, the Head of the Center for Technology Adoption. “Now, during the preclinical studies, we need to prove the safety of this substance and, in particular, to study its effect on the immune system, identify allergic and mutagenic properties, determine its general toxicity in case of long-term administration, etc.

Currently, the researchers at SSMU are improving the technology for obtaining the active substance and develop the analysis techniques for quality control of the medicinal product. Next, they will start preclinical studies that will continue for more than two years. It is not the first time that the Center for Technology Adoption wins a grant under Pharma-2020. All this is made possible by advanced technical infrastructure of the lab and high scientific potential of its employees.