R-Pharm plans to launch its products onto the Japanese market


In three years, the Russian pharmaceutical company R-Pharm intends to launch some of its medicines onto the Japanese market. This was announced by Alexey Repik, the Chairman of the Board of the company and its main shareholder.

Mr. Repik said that R-Pharm would try to launch two or three innovative products onto the market. A representative of R-Pharm Group added that, one such product is Olokizumab, a brand-name drug in the form of solution for subcutaneous injection for the treatment of the rheumatoid arthritis; another one is RPH-104, an anti-inflammatory medicine which is currently being developed by the company. The representative of the Group refused to discuss the third product, which is RPH-002, a biosimilar. According to R-Pharm website, RPH-002 is an antitumor medicine for the therapy of head and neck cancer; its dosage form is not specified. Mr. Repik said that Phase III of clinical trials in Japan has not yet begun.

R-Pharm does not disclose the cost of developing these drugs. But Nikolai Demidov, the Head of Quintiles IMS Russia and CIS, said that the company could have spent “hundreds of millions of dollars” on the creation of each new medicine. The creation of biosimilars costs up to 30 million dollars. Despite its stagnation, the Japanese market is worth some 100 billion dollars, said Mr. Repik.