In March Russian companies delivered medicinal products worth 27.7 billion rubles

| By | Drug Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

In Q1 2017, Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers shipped medicinal products worth 75.3 billion rubles (ex work price including VAT). In ruble-denominated terms, this amounted to the 24.3% growth compared to the same period of the previous year. The physical output for the first three months of this year reached 1.2 billion packages, or 14.3% more than in a previous year.

Since the beginning of 2017, March turned out to be the most successful month in terms of monetary value of shipped products. During this period, Russian companies shipped medicinal products worth 27.7 billion rubles. The long-term trend is also quite impressive, as the shipments increased by 24% in the ruble-denominated equivalent compared to March 2016. Still, it is not the best figure of the current year: in January, the growth rate was almost twice as high. This is despite the fact that the physical volumes of shipments grew in March at a very moderate pace (4%).

For comparison, the imports of medicinal products to Russia, in aggregate for finished forms and in-bulk deliveries, amounted to 134.1 billion rubles in Q1 2017 (in prices that include the cost of customs clearance). In this case, the growth of deliveries in ruble-denominated terms reached only 9.4%. The imports of finished forms and in-bulk deliveries increased at a comparable pace, reaching 9.0% and 11.4%, respectively. In January-March 2017, the deliveries of imported medicinal products in terms of minimum dosage units (MDU) showed negative dynamics (-7.4%).