EEC and WHO started preparation for recognizing EAEU Pharmacopeia

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The EAEU Pharmacopeia being a basic set of requirements for medical products quality will be included in WHO Catalogue of the world’s pharmacopoeias and pharmacopeia authorities as a regional quality standard. This follows from the speech made in WHO Headquarters in Switzerland by Valery Koreshkov, EAEU Panel Member (Minister) and Susan Hill, Director of WHO Essential Drugs and Medical Products Department.

Susan Hill said about WHO being interested in cooperation with EEC on developing the market of medicinal products, which includes official recognition of the Union’s Pharmacopeia as a regional one. The parties started laying out the plan of cooperation. The representatives of the world’s organization together with EAEU experts will discuss the related WHO draft documents, including the principles of Good Regulatory Practices, participate in seminars and training sessions which will be held in the countries of the Union.

When developing the documentation to support functioning of common EAEU medicinal product market, we used the best known to us international practices and considered the expertise of leading international organizations experts, regulatory authorities, and pharmaceutical industry. This helped us create a full scale regulatory environment in a short time period, said Valery Koreshkov.

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