Center for Cell Technologies opens at the Institute of Cytology of RAS


A Center for Cell Technologies was opened at the Institute of Cytology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. This is one of the first labs in Russia that will operate in accordance with the standards set by the new law on biomedical cell products. The Center for Cell Technologies of the Institute of Cytology of RAS will speed up the development, standardization, production and introduction of innovative cell products into the medical practice in accordance with the Russian and international regulations and requirements.

“We were building this center for two years, worked proactively and, from the very beginning, laid down the highest requirements to the level of technology and design of the lab so that, after the launch, it fully complies with the accepted international standards in the area of cell technology,” said Natalya Mikhailova, the acting Director of the Institute of Cytology of RAS. “This allowed us to become one of the first Russian research centers that is ready to operate under the new Russian law on biomedical cell products.”

The Center for Cell Technologies will also serve as the base for the Russian-Scandinavian Reference Center for Cellular Technologies, which is being established jointly with Sartorius Stedim Biotech and OPTEK, respectively the manufacturer and supplier of CompacT, a robotic cell culture system. The center will be focused on establishing and developing the collaboration between Russian and European scientists, design, testing, certification and further implementation of new techniques in the area of cell technologies.