BIOCAD will localize its manufacturing in Finland


BIOCAD, a biotech company, is expanding its presence in international markets. The company plans the entry to EU markets by implementing an integrated development program in Finland. Over a seven-year period after the start of manufacturing projects, the investments are expected to reach more than 25 million euro.

“The goal of our presence in Turku,” said Dmitry Morozov, the General Director of BIOCAD, “is to allow the implementation of joint research projects with our European counterparts in the area of immuno-oncology. BIOCAD has long been actively and successfully developing its export activities, and we plan to focus on promoting our innovative molecules in the European markets. We see great opportunities in working together for the benefit of patients.”

At this stage, BIOCAD has prepared a portfolio of products for the European markets, including 7 molecules for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases, such as melanoma, breast cancer, stomach cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. The latter represents a particularly acute problem for the countries in the Baltic region.

The plant for manufacturing chemical and biological products in Turku, as well as the finished forms, will occupy an area of more than 3,5 thousand square meters. The project will be implemented in 2018-2025, and the construction will last for 3 years.