Akrikhin starts manufacturing own developed drug

| By | Akrikhin, Drug Development, Drug Manufacturing

AKRIKHIN begins producing and selling Acriol Pro, a new medicinal product. Acriol Pro is a combination medicinal product that includes lidocaine and prilocaine and is available in the form of a cream. This combination of anesthetics has been proved efficient in clinical trials and is used for topical anesthesia of skin during surgical and cosmetic procedures.

Acriol Pro was developed by Akrikhin’s own R&D Center in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). It took about 2 years to create this product, conduct comparative clinical trials and obtain marketing authorization.

Olga Frolikova, Director of OTC Product Marketing at AKRIKHIN said, “The release of this new drug developed in accordance with international quality standards by the experts of the company’s own research center is a significant event for AKRIKHIN, which marks the beginning of its operations in the aesthetic medicine market. We are proud that, due to high quality and safety of this product, many popular cosmetic procedures will no longer be associated with pain.”