A new pricing procedure for inexpensive drugs is being developed in Russia

| By | Medicinal Drug Prices

The Russian Government is working on amending the price regulation for vital and essential drugs (VED) of the lower price segment (below 50 rubles) in favor of drug manufacturers. The pricing may be tied to the market situation which will allow price increases higher than the CPI index, as is today’s practice.

The Ministry of Health, Minpromtorg, Ministry for Economic Development, and Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) are currently working on it. The new pricing procedure may become effective on January 1, 2018. According to the experts this may push the prices 15% up.

This initiative needs to be taken for inexpensive medicines not to disappear from the market. David Melic-Huseinov, the Head of Health Organization and Medical Management R&D stated that inexpensive products may just disappear if the pricing is not revised.

According to David Melic-Huseinov, the issue of inexpensive medicinal product availability is burning, today. They are just disappearing from the market. While it makes sense for the manufacturers to produce them, the distributors and retailers are not interested in selling them. It has become a system that retailers are interested in selling expensive products. This undermines the social principle of drugs availability. This is a serious issue, because people’s income does not grow enough for buying more expensive drugs.